The Coronavirus is forcing Churches to shut their doors and relocate services to online platforms like Facebook and Youtube. However, the congregation of Pathway Baptist Church wanted to ensure that their pastor was aware that regardless of circumstance; the Church is present!

Pastor Mark Smith said in response to the congregation’s gift; “I think we’ve taken the church for granted, the building and meeting together,” he said.

For a self-described people person, the transition has been difficult.

“The church is not the church unless people are there,” Smith said. “Unless people are not only there, but you’re reaching them like we are right now.”

Pathway’s online services reach more people than ever before. The service got 1,400 just last week. Smith though, was mostly alone, until this Sunday.

“I didn’t know that, I didn’t know it was done,” he said of his surprise.

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The congregation printed pictures of themselves and had them laid out in the pews, where each person normally sits. The images gave Pastor Smith a chance to reunite with his flock.

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