Published: November 25, 2019  Updated: November 25, 2019 at 7:27 am EST
re-education documents

Much like the facilities used by Communist and Socialist regimes in the past, the Chinese government is operating en-mass re-education camps. Within these centers are Watchtowers, double-locked doors, and video surveillance “to prevent escapes.”

Further, “manner education” is mandatory, but “vocational skills improvement” is offered after a year in the camps. According to the Chinese Government, the reason for such centers is voluntary job training. However, as many former detainees have described, the centers are for – forced ideological and behavioral re-education.

The camps operate in secret; however, former detainees have described the horrors of the re-education facility; now, secret documents also reveal the horrors within the centers. Former detainees have described that within these camps, the communist government uses ‘forced medication’ and torture to formulate the ‘cure for faith.’

Detainees are scored on how well they speak the dominant Mandarin language and are forced to follow strict rules on everything down to bathing and using the toilet. Further, the detainees scores determine if they are allowed to leave.

The secret documents reveal the Chinese government’s deliberate strategy to detain ethnic minorities, Christians, people who adhere to a religion to rewrite their thoughts and the language they speak.

Further, the documents also reveal how Beijing is using data and artificial intelligence, mass surveillance technology, to round up tens of thousands of people per week. Computers operate the new form of social control, the machines determine who is to be arrested and sent off for said ‘training.’

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“They (the documents) confirm that this is a form of cultural genocide,” said Adrian Zenz, a leading security expert on the far western region of Xinjiang, the Uighur homeland. “It really shows that from the onset, the Chinese government had a plan.”

Below is a list of the documents;
Bulletin 20 – Integrated Joint Operation Platform
Bulletin 14 – IJOP
Bulletin 9 – IJOP
Bulletin 2 – IJOP
Telegram – Autonomous Region State Organ Telegram

Over the last several years, China has torn down churches, crosses, schools, and detained those of the Christian faith. The Communist government has jailed pastors, created a government-approved Bible, only sanctions particular Churches that approve of the Communist government, and forced the people of faith to adhere to the ‘party line.’ The United States must condemn the grotesque actions as they are a severe violation of Human Rights. Further, the works by the Communist regime, display to the West the results of a socialist and communist government.

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