Published: October 13, 2018  Updated: May 14, 2019 at 10:03 am EST

Tis’ the season for a new journey. Such is when we begin and or begin again.

God bless and Carry on.

Amplify Your Understanding.
Brown seeks to exemplify the Cause of Christ through our own understanding and to extend the liberty which comes from Faith to those who do not know the goodness of God. Further, Brown seeks to advance the knowledge of individual rights over collective rights.

In addition, Brown seeks to Amplify your understanding of the world around us, from a Christian, Conservative Perspective.
Brown; Christian Beliefs and Conservative Politics. Since the beginning, the United States has continually leaned on the two aforementioned perspectives to shape a nation that places liberty at the center of the cause for the United States.

Brown; The Christian Faith – One Nation Under God. The United States of America is not a Christian Nation. God does not need a Christian Nation. The USA was formed on the principles of the Bible, because God blessed the people of the United States with the chance to choose righteously. The founding fathers formed a nation based on the Bible, and as America drifts from the Bible, freedom drifts from America. Our job is to showcase the freedom and morality of the Father to in turn show His Love for His People.

Brown; Pro-America, Singula Libertas. The United States has set course, since the beginning, to be a better place for the world and for its own people. Over the years America has drastically changed its morality to include characteristics which separate the individual from liberty. Our job is to hold those who do so accountable.

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Brown; Pro-God. Pro-Life. Pro-Freedom. Pro-Gun. Pro-Immigration. Pro-Capitalism. Pro-active Conservatism.

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