Published: May 2, 2020  Updated: May 2, 2020 at 10:12 am EST

Thousands are dead because China lied. The world was caught off guard because the Communist Party, according to a new bombshell Intelligence dossier, covered up the fact that the virus was transmittable from human-to-human. Also, because the CCP forcibly disappeared, Scientists who attempted to raise the alarm about the Novel Coronavirus. Thousands more will also die because China has repeatedly refused to provide live samples of the virus to international scientists working on a vaccine.

The dossier also claims that Australia trained some of the scientists at the Wuhan Lab, and points to the fact that the United States gave over 3.7 million dollars to the laboratory in question. However, the report also echos what many key figures, such as Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo, are saying; China denied the fact that Covid-19 was transmittable from animals to humans.

Later, the dossier explains that China went on to scrub online search engines for key terms such as; ‘SARS variation,” Wuhan Seafood market,’ and ‘Wuhan Unknown Pneumonia.’ Also, the intelligence briefing says that’ On January 3rd, China’s National Health Commission reportedly ordered virus samples be destroyed and issued a ‘no-publication order’ about the virus.’

Meanwhile, again according to the dossier, China knew for years that the virus could transmit from human-to-human. Also, Beijing was aware of the fact that those who are asymptomatic can carry the virus, yet refused to share such information with the world.

But first, Five-Eyes alliance, the author of the dossier, is an intelligence=sharing pact among the leading English-speaking nations: US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is one of the most comprehensive pooling of security information in the world and traces its roots to the Second World War, although it was formally founded in 1946. Its cornerstone arrangement is ECHELON – a mammoth surveillance system operated by the US and used by the other members.

One of the most astonishing aspects of the novel Coronavirus is the fact that China downplayed the need for other countries to impose travel bans to stop the spread of the virus to their nations. Meanwhile, China was quarantining Wuhan’s 11 million citizens.

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Also, during the beginning of the outbreak, the dossier claims that China, while suppressing the deadly details, let millions of people leave Wuhan after the outbreak began and before the city’s January 23rd lockdown. ‘Thousands fly overseas. Throughout February, Beijing presses the US, Italy, India, Australia, Southeast Asian neighbors, and others not to protect themselves via travel restrictions, even as the PRC imposes severe restrictions at home.’

The relationship between Beijing and the United States needs to change, and after the dust settles, the entire relationship between the West and China will change according to Western Leaders. After the Communist Nation’s actions to continually downplay, lie, and manipulate the narrative, China will be left with little ground to stand on the world stage.

Further, the United States needs to bring manufacturing home to rebuild our fractured economy. What better time than the present to do such because, in China, there are thousands of human rights violations regarding how factories are operated and people get paid cents rather than a livable wage. In the United States, we have laws against such, and with the constant advancement of technology that is available, most of those operations could be automated. Further, whatever processes can’t be automated, it would provide the millions of persons currently out of work with the opportunity for employment.

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