Published: October 15, 2019  Updated: October 15, 2019 at 10:29 am EST

Christian men and women are standing for freedom in Hong Kong, and they are the separating the police and protestors. “Beat us, don’t beat the kids.”

The group’s leader believes that as Christians, “when we see an unjust situation, we have to go out and guard the children.” The leader, Pastor Roy Chan believes in ‘Doing God’s Work.’

Groups of Christian volunteers are standing in between the police and protestors, or between citizens and protestors to prevent violence from erupting.

The volunteers wear yellow vests to distinguish themselves from the protestors. Further, volunteers spread out across the city to try and thwart the young ones from being injured.

The volunteers range in age, some are in their 80’s and some are in their twenty’s, they come from all walks of life to keep the peace.

During the protests, the volunteers spread out into seven man teams, and advance towards the violence, in an effort to stop it or keep it from spreading.

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Together they are united with one cause; Hong Kongers should not hurt other Hong Kongers. When violence erupts the Christians try and help the injured, and move people away from where they could get injured.

However, the violence is increasing drastically, and it is getting rather dangerous for the volunteers to continue holding the line. In some videos you can see police kicking and beating the volunteers.

In one instance, one of the volunteers attempted to protect an elderly person from the violence, and was instead caught by the police and beaten.

Violence, now, is erupting far more often and far sooner during the demonstrations and it is making it incredibly difficult for the mediators to mediate.

As the violence grows there is less and less the groups can do; unfortunately they are now being forced to only shout at the officers, instead of being able to hold the line because they are advancing so fast on the protestors. However, they are not giving up.

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