Published: May 14, 2020  Updated: May 14, 2020 at 9:34 am EST

China’s state-run newspaper Xinhua recently published an article in which the author, the Chinese Government, is claiming that the United States Government is the stumbling block in the way of a ‘better world order.’

Never mind the fact that the Government of China bungled the handling of the Coronavirus in the early days, it is instead, according to the CCP, the U.S.’s fault.

China has religiously thwarted international efforts for an investigation into the origins of the Coronavirus, is thwarting research efforts into vaccinations, and is continually silencing those that disagree with it.

The United States built the current world order, one that is based on capitalism and democracy. And according to China, a better global order is needed, one that is more ‘effective;’

“While a more effective global governance system is needed more than ever in this age of growing multipolarity, economic globalization and rising non-conventional security challenges, the United States, the world’s sole superpower, has become the biggest stumbling block for better world order.

Since coming to power, the incumbent U.S. administration has repeatedly undermined the U.N. system and turned increasingly hostile towards multilateralism.

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It has exited the Paris climate accord, quitted the Iran nuclear deal, and left the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization paralyzed.

Most recently, this White House decided to defund the World Health Organization (WHO), the only global health coordinator the international community can count on for guidance in the global pandemic fight.”

The CCP is well versed in propaganda, and the author failed to mention that the reason the United States pulled out of funding The Who is because they have become a ‘pipe for China’ according to President Trump. In addition to President Trump’s comments regarding such, the CIA uncovered that China threatened The Who over declaring a global pandemic.

China’s inaction regarding the Coronavirus has left the world near a global depression, and while they point the finger at the United States, they hide their own guilt. China is ambitious and wants to unseat the United States from being a Superpower because ideologically, capitalism and democracy are counterintuitive to their way of life which is based on communism and socialism.

The Chinese Communist Party and the United States are heading for a dark Cold War. One that will leave the world in far worse shape than the initial Cold War with the Soviet Union because China and the United State are vastly more interconnected.

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