Published: May 8, 2019  Updated: June 13, 2019 at 2:12 pm EST

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani announced on Wednesday that the country would stop complying with parts of the 2015 Nuclear deal, and set a sixty-day timeframe for renegotiations.

Last year, the United States withdrew from the deal, and now Iran is seeking to withdraw from the agreement with the remaining players to renegotiate terms. However, the withdrawal may only cause more tension with the United States.

On Sunday, the United States announced that it was sending a strike carrier group to the region to counter Iranian threats to U.S. interests. Reportedly, the threats were that Iran was planning to carry out attacks on U.S. interests in Iraq and other surrounding nations.

European diplomats signaled on Monday to the United States that Iran appeared poised to breach portions of the 2015 international nuclear pact. Iran, on Wednesday, has now stated that they will stop complying.

“The path we have chosen today is not the path of war, it is the path of diplomacy,” Rouhani said in a nationally broadcast speech. “But diplomacy with a new language and a new logic.”

The United States has continued its maximum pressure campaign against the nation, and with the increased tensions, diplomacy is appearing less likely but still possible.

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