Published: September 3, 2019  Updated: September 3, 2019 at 11:30 am EST

Iran is constructing a new military base in Syria according to an exclusive from Fox News. The project is called the Imam Ali compound.

Using civilian satellites Fox was able to confirm the account, and was able to identify the base being built on the Syria-Iraq border.

According to the company who provided the images to Fox: “Analysts at Image Sat International (ISI) who reviewed the images say that precision-guided missiles could be housed at five different newly constructed buildings that are surrounded by large dirt mounds. The images also show, in the northwest part of the base, 10 additional storehouses with less external protection, as well as new buildings and missile storage structures.”

Further, according to security experts, this is the first time that Iran is attempting to build a base of this size in Syria. To complicate matters, there is a US base less than 200 miles from the construction site.

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