Published: July 29, 2019  Updated: July 29, 2019 at 6:55 am EST

It was the third and final day of the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California when suddenly a man aimlessly began firing on the attendees of the festival. The shooter injured fifteen, killed three, before being brought down by police.

According to witnesses, the shooter was ‘very angry,’ and it appeared as though ‘he was just shooting into the largest group he could find.’

Local law enforcement is also looking into the possibility of a second shooter. However, law enforcement did lethally take down a male suspect wearing a green shirt, grayish handkerchief, and brandishing a rifle of sorts.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Stephen Romero, a 6-year-old boy, was killed during the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting. He was a ‘loving boy,’ who will be remembered by his family as ‘kind’ and ‘happy.’

According to Law enforcement, within one minute after the beginning of the shooting law enforcement brought down the suspect. The Police Chief credits the heavy police presence at the festival for the fast response time.

Also, a manhunt is underway for the second person involved in the shooting. The role of the second individual involved is not clear.

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  • Where it happened: The shooting occurred at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, about 30 miles from San Jose. It’s a beloved annual event in a community known for its garlic production. Organizers said nearly 100,000 people attend the festival each year.
  • How the shooter got in: Police say the suspect entered the park by cutting open a fence around the property.
  • Chaos and panic: Footage showed people screaming and running for cover as gunshots rung in the air. Some people hid under the stage where a band had been performing; others hid in the white tents on site.
  • The victims: At least three people are dead and 11 more have been injured, officials say. The injured people are being treated at St. Louise Regional Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.
  • The suspect: The suspected shooter was shot and killed by police — but authorities say the crime scene is still active and they are investigating the possibility of a second suspect. A motive has not yet been determined.
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