Published: September 14, 2020  Updated: September 14, 2020 at 9:27 am EST

A short played on the Cartoon Network after-hours Adult Swim session displayed and promoted child abuse. The video was created by Mike Diva and aired late at night.

The video has widely been played on Social Media leaving countless upset that this played on Cartoon Network, a network designed for children.

The video of the grotesque short is below, please bear in mind that the video is rather disturbing.

Several commenters have responded saying; “This is terrible and really upset me. I’d hate for my kids to see this.”

Another wrote; “My fear is so many children home with internet access all day… and not monitored or even when you do monitor them… the enemy wants their soul… and all this evil is at their finger tips! … I pray we become more wise to his trick and stop them in their tracks… and that our children are protected!… sharing information is power! Power to take back what the enemy is trying to steal from our children”

With another saying; “Omg , what the hell is Cartoon Network thinking , !! I’m so glad my kids are grown and my daughter uses videos or kids program for my grandkids”

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The creator of the short was rather nonchalant since people have started discussing the gross nature of the video. On Twitter Mike Diva said; “Adult Swim is now trending cos the Qanon Karens are losing it over a vid I made about pyramid bois playing drums with shitty CGI babies. While getting accused of being an Illuminati pedovore daily has been fun, let it be known that I do NOT condone any form of CGI baby drumming.”


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