Published: July 15, 2020  Updated: July 15, 2020 at 7:06 pm EST

Last week, a trove of documents was sent over to an independent researcher by the name of Christopher Rufo. The documents reveal that a dangerous slew of divisive teachings were being issued to several branches of the Federal Government. Further, the “diversity training” called on employees of the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, FDIC, CFPB, and NCUA to pledge “allyship amid the George Floyd Tragedy.”

For those who haven’t heard of Critical Race Theory, here is the definition according to Wikipedia: “CRT is a theoretical framework in the social sciences, developed out of epistemic philosophy, that uses critical theory to examine society and culture as they relate to categorizations of race, law, and power.[2][3] It began as a theoretical movement within American law schools in the mid- to late 1980s as a reworking of critical legal studies on race issues,[4][5] and is loosely unified by two common themes. Firstly, CRT proposes that white supremacy and racial power are maintained over time, and in particular, that the law may play a role in this process. Secondly, CRT work has investigated the possibility of transforming the relationship between law and racial power, as well as pursuing a project of achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination more broadly.”

The training was called “Difficult Conversations about Race” with the goal of converting “everyone in the federal government” to “antiracism.” The trainers began with ground rules, claiming that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” and insist that white employees must “struggle to own their racism” and accept their “unconscious bias, White privilege, and White fragility.”

Shortly after that, the trainers recommend; “White managers” create “safe spaces” for “listening sessions,” where black employees can explain “what it means to be black” and be “seen in their pain.” White employees must not “fill the silence with [their] own thoughts and feelings.”

Further, the training suggests that ‘whites’ hold “fairly consistent narratives about race” that “don’t support the dismantling of racist institutions.” The trainers go on to claim that expressions such as “we should be more color-blind” and “we’ve made so much progress from the 60s” are in fact racist statements.

During an exercise, the employees are asked questions such as; What is the racial mix of your ten closest friends? What percentage of the day are you able to be with people of your own race? How much of your day are you speaking about racism?

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Also, the trainers then state that all white employees must “provide unconditional solidarity” for people of color. Whites “don’t get to decide when someone is being too emotional, too rash, [or] to mean” and cannot protest if a POC “responds to their oppression in a way [they] don’t like.”

However, if a white person disagrees; they will be told that “white silence has been one of the most powerful detractors from real progress in social justice” and that whites must “sit in the discomfort” of their own internalized racism and white supremacy. Also, during one of the training sessions, white persons are told that “this is not the place to get [their] feelings validated.” The trainers tell them that people of color are not “obligated to like you, thank you, feel sorry for you, or forgive you.”

This gross display of racism is being taught to employees in the federal government, by a man who happens to be white. The teacher is Howard J. Ross and billed the federal government for five million dollars over the last 15 years on topics including “white supremacy,” “white privilege,” and “white fragility.” In 2011 alone, Howard Ross billed the General Services Administration $3 million for diversity training and billed NASA $500,000 for “power and privilege sexual orientation workshops.”

The information above was compiled by independent researcher and editor of the City Journal Christopher F. Rufo, all of the information mentioned above can be found at this thread. The research shows that the narrative, dismantling our economic system and our political system, is reaching the very employees of the Federal Government.

Just recently, Congresswomen, City Council members from across the country, and Senators have all called for the dismantling of our entire governmental structure, including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, along with our Capitalist economy.

Similarly, Seattle issued “diversity trainings” and called on “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help white workers examine their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and “interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color.” Hoping to learn more, I submitted a public records request for all documentation related to the training. The results are disturbing.

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