Published: May 11, 2020  Updated: May 11, 2020 at 9:14 am EST
The Chinese Communist Party

Peter Navarro, the White House Trade Advisor, said this week that Beijing, China, the Communist Party, ruined the United States’ economy in just sixty days. Also, Senator Tom Cotton issued an intriguing statement; ‘Reports emerged yesterday in the media that publicly available cell phone data suggests that roads around the lab in Wuhan were closed in the middle of October.’

Unemployment is currently at the highest level since The Great Depression, which was almost 100 years ago; also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, non-farm payroll tumbled by twenty million. Our economy is in shambles, and there’s no question about it. The question, however, was this is in someway China’s intent?

That question arises because of the Communist Party’s actions after the virus outbreak began. First, China lied and said that it is not transmittable from human-to-human, then they destroyed evidence of the origin, and now they are continuing to block other countries from investigating the source of the pandemic. Also, China has destroyed key samples that could help create a vaccine.

“We know that patient zero in China was about mid-November. It was in Wuhan. We know that ground zero had the P4 weapons lab, where the Virus likely came from,” Navarro said.

“For the next two months, we know that China hid the Virus from the world behind the shield of the World Health Organization. And as they did that, they sent gleaming passenger jets from China, not into the rest of China from Wuhan, but to places like New York and Milan, seeding the world with what would become a pandemic,” the economist and author explained.

Navarro said that customs data showed that the CCP also “vacuumed up virtually all of the world’s personal protective equipment, including over 2 billion masks,” and that China is “sitting on that stockpile of what we call PPE,” and “selling it at profiteering prices to some,” while also putting pressure on some countries to “deny the virus came from China or to talk about Taiwan or to do other things.”

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“So that’s it in a nutshell. And what that means for us here is, this morning, Americans won’t go to church because of the China virus,” Navarro continued. “Sons and daughters of America won’t be taking their mothers to brunch. Tomorrow, 33 million Americans won’t be going to work, and millions of children in America will be home climbing the walls, instead of learning reading, writing, and arithmetic.”

The White House trade adviser concluded: “President Trump built the most powerful and beautiful economy in the world in three years. The Chinese Communist Party took it down in 60 days.”

However, that’s not the only piece to the puzzle. According to Senator Cotton, there is more investigation needed; “Reports emerged yesterday in the media that publicly available cell phone data suggests that roads around the lab in Wuhan was closed in the middle of October.

Again, this information is publicly available. American media has used it to analyze mobility patterns in states to see if our people are practicing social distancing. So the reports indicate that on major roads around these labs, Wuhan, you obviously had thousands and thousands of cell phones pinging towers day in and day out. And then, all of a sudden, it stopped. And it remained stopped for several days. That would suggest, without any further information, that those roads were blocked for some reason.

Now, we need to go confirm that. We need to look at the data carefully. We also need to try to use other means to verify if there were, in fact, shutdowns of roads around those labs in the middle of October.

The Chinese Communist Party could obviously help us with that if they would open up and allow us to investigate what happened in Wuhan. But if it is confirmed that roads around that lab were shut down for a number of days in mid-October, it is highly coincidental that there was a major shutdown of those roads at about the time one might have expected this Virus to first get transmitted to humans, whatever the origins may have been. But this would be another piece of circumstantial evidence that there was some kind of accident or outbreak from those labs, not from the seafood market or anywhere else. That’s why it’s so important we get to the bottom of this data.

Remember, Wuhan is a city that is larger than New York City. So, obviously, its roads are highly trafficked and heavily congested. So to shut down roads around the lab would suggest that they had some good reason to disrupt traffic patterns so severely.

So, again, first, we need to verify these reports, the cell phone data say what these media reports indicate, and then we need to use other sources to try to confirm what they suggest, which is, those roads were shut down. And if that’s the case, if roads were shut down around these laboratories for several days in mid-October, then we need to figure out exactly why, because it’s simply another piece of circumstantial evidence that would support the idea that this Virus originated from one of those labs.”

China is not honest. Beijing is covering up evidence and destroying samples of the Coronavirus. According to Navarro, the Chinese Communist Party destroyed the U.S. economy in sixty days. According to Senator Tom Cotton, more investigation is needed into the origin of the Virus.

President Trump, on the other hand, agrees that there is more to the story here. Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday, President Trump said: “We went through the worst attack we’ve ever had on our country, this is worst attack we’ve ever had.

“This is worse than Pearl Harbor, this is worse than the World Trade Center. There’s never been an attack like this.

“And it should have never happened. Could’ve been stopped at the source. Could’ve been stopped in China. It should’ve been stopped right at the source. And it wasn’t.”

Asked later by a reporter if he saw the pandemic as an actual act of war; “I view the invisible enemy [coronavirus] as a war,” he said. “I don’t like how it got here, because it could have been stopped, but no, I view the invisible enemy like a war.”

President Trump has suggested that China is at fault for the Coronavirus, and now State Attorney Generals are beginning to request that Congress investigate China’s ‘deceit’ in response to the Coronavirus.

Attorneys general for 18 states have signed a letter asking bipartisan leaders in both the House and Senate to open hearings into China’s role in the spread of the Coronavirus, accusing the nation of “layers of deceit” in a coverup of the severity of the Virus while it “wreaked havoc” in the U.S.

The letter, dated May 9, was led by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, who said that to get to the bottom of the truth, “we can’t rely solely on media to do the investigation. We have got to have truly, we have got to have congressional oversight.

We have got to go deep into an investigation using the reaches of the federal government.” “Congressional hearings are critical to our nation’s understanding of the origins of COVID-19 and efforts by the communist Chinese government to deceive the international community,” the letter read.

Indeed, with so many questions surrounding the origin of the Virus and the Communist Party’s inaction, it begs the question, what happens when we find the truth?

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