Published: April 29, 2020  Updated: April 29, 2020 at 1:03 pm EST

Beijing, on Wednesday through its State Media stated that ‘the US Government has failed its people and the world.’ The Chinese Communist Party also claimed that American Leaders had put politics above their people.

‘Chinese people won’t allow their country to suffer vast infections like the US,’ exclaimed the author in the op-ed posted to the Global Times, a state-run newspaper.

The author wrote also wrote that, ‘The US is home to more than 300 million people. If the same proportion of infections were to have occurred in China, a country with over 1.4 billion people, 4 million people would have been infected, about 50 times more than the actually number of reported cases.’

The CCP went on to claim that American politicians are unable to contain the Coronavirus outbreak because they are dodging responsibilities and prioritizing the upcoming election.

Lastly, the op-ed claimed to have the answers for the United States’ to follow;

‘First, it needs to apologize to its people and admit it has mishandled the epidemic.’

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‘Second, it must learn lessons and take decisive measures to fight against the virus and reduce infections and deaths.’

‘Third, it should push forward international cooperation and create conditions for a global fight to eliminate the novel coronavirus,’ the newspaper wrote.’

‘However, the US government has done none of those things. The US Democrats have not served as a supportive force to unite US society at this critical moment, and instead have eyed on the elections and placed their political interests above the life-threatening epidemic,’ the tabloid concluded.

The backlash from China comes in response to recent reports that US intelligence agencies have opened investigations regarding the origin of the Novel Coronavirus. Specifically, the CCP is responding to Trump’s statements about requesting reparations for the economic damages suffered by the Coronavirus.

Just before the op-ed, the State-run media blasted the ‘hold China accountable’ campaign as ‘a form of political hooliganism’ in a separate piece on Tuesday.

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