Published: May 15, 2020  Updated: May 15, 2020 at 8:43 am EST

The United States President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested that ‘we could cut off the whole relationship with China.’ President Trump also said that at the moment he doesn’t want to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

During the Pandemic a lot came to light, mainly, that the United States, because of globalism, has outsourced almost all of our manufacturing. It is so bad, that we couldn’t even produce paper masks en-mass.

In response to the bungling of the Coronavirus by China, President Trump has increasingly stated his distrust and his dissatisfaction with how they handled the crisis. President Trump is not wrong to question such, according to new reports from the CIA, China tried to stop the World Health Organization from declaring a global pandemic.

In response to claims by the United States’ China has increasingly critiqued the Trump Administration, and has sought to blame the United States for the pandemic. In the early days of the outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party blamed an ‘American soldier’ for bringing the pandemic to China’s shores.

Also, the escalation in the war of words between the two countries picked up steam yesterday when China claimed that Washington is a stumbling block to a ‘better world order.’ Further, the statement was claimed through the CCP’s state-run media outlet Xinhua.

After President Trump’s remarks, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijia responded; “Some people in the US failed to fight the epidemic themselves and failed the trust of the American people. But they have not made reflections of how to improve their work.”

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“We urge the US to stop slandering and discrediting China, stop promoting relevant bills, and playing this nonsense blame game. On whether China has any disciplinary measures, I have no further comments,” Zhao added.

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