Published: December 7, 2021  Updated: December 7, 2021 at 12:12 pm EST

Is the Left obsessed with Russia; or, does Russia find Democrat leadership weak? Which is it because now, in 2021, we are right back to where we were in 2014 – on the verge of potentially going to war over Ukraine with Putin. In the Obama years, the Ukrainian crisis over Crimea and other regions nearly led to an all-out war with the Bear. However, cooler heads barely prevailed, and tensions eased for approximately four years. Now, with Biden in office – Russia and NATO are mounting troops on both sides of the Ukrainian border.

From 2016 to 2020, all we heard were stories of Russian collusion and hoaxes that President Trump was under Putin’s thumb. However, it would turn out to be that President Biden’s son is the one with questionable ties to members of the Ukrainian government and business leaders. In addition, it would also be Biden who engaged in a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government – not Trump. We did not hear that we were edging closer and closer to a war with Russia.

Now that Biden is in office, it appears we are right back to where the Left, left off – on the verge of going to war with Russia over Ukraine.

Ukraine is a crucial positioning for both parties; the West and Russia. Ukraine’s key location gives the West an ideal affront to Russia should Russia get out of line. Russia is well aware of this and is unwilling to let Ukrainian leaders fall further into the West’s grip. Therefore, the people of Ukraine and the country itself are caught in the middle of a perilous situation.

Putin’s stance; “Is aimed at persuading the West that Russia is prepared to start a full-scale war over Ukraine unless something is done about the existing and (in Putin’s eyes, at least) completely unacceptable state of affairs,” Mr. Samorukov added. For Mr. Putin, any moves by Ukrainian leaders to draw closer to the West are an affront.”

Biden’s stance; “(To) reaffirm the United States’ support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

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One of the critical pieces in Putin’s playbook is that if he really wanted to damage the West – he could. Most of Europe relies heavily on Russian energy. Therefore, Europe could have a very dark and cold winter if Russia wanted to inflict damage. However, if Russia goes that route – because of sanctions from the United States, Russian energy companies and the State would lose drastic amounts of income which would cause a horrid scenario for the Russian government.

According to news sources familiar with the situation, there is little hope for a diplomatic solution. Regardless, the same exact stance and issues were discussed in the Obama years. So, why is this happening again?

What say, you reader?

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