Published: January 8, 2019  Updated: January 8, 2019 at 1:26 am EST

The changeover from a republican house to a Democratic House has caused quite a stir in the political world — one that could stall even the very basic of legislature.

The two parties are more divided now than in recent history making the possibility of agreements and deals even slimmer.

The Republican-held White House and Senate are moving in one direction, while the Democratic House is moving in another.

The time is of the essence for politicians to breach the divide and come together; however, the chances of such are growing slimmer and slimmer as the devise rhetoric from both sides of the isle spews on.

Currently, the United States Government is experiencing a shutdown, and as a result, the democratic side is continuing to escalate the crisis by not working with the President of the United States to create an agenda they all can agree on.

Instead, it would appear as though the Democratic party is more interested in media attention and taking vacations while thousands of Federal workers go without pay.

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On the Republican side, both the Senate and the White House have set forth additional circumstances that could appease the Democrats desires. However, regardless of such, the Left is continually hard-lining against the need for a Border Wall of sorts.

The Government Shutdown is on to day 16, and still not an ounce of measurable progress; instead, the democratic party is continually attempting to delay the process of forwarding legislation that could reopen the government.

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