Published: April 30, 2019  Updated: January 30, 2020 at 8:44 am EST

Several States across the United States have actively questioned whether a baby, born alive is a human being. At what point, does life begin then?

In January of 2019 Virginia Democrats dared to claim that a child, at the moment of birth could still be aborted. Again, according to House Bill 2491, which did not pass in Virginia, an abortion could be requested at the moment of dilation.

Further, in New York, a similar piece of legislation did pass. Acting on what is acclaimed by Democrats to be for “Women’s Rights” the bill allows for a woman to abort her child at any point during pregnancy, including the moment of birth.

In North Carolina, Pro-Life organizations are attempting to sway legislators to override the Democratic Governor’s veto of a measure they say would ensure newborns delivered after a failed abortion are cared for like any other baby.

The Republican-controlled Senate in North Carolina is planning to vote on Tuesday to override the veto and forward the legislation. To accomplish such, the action will require several Democrats and Republicans from the House and Senate to complete the override.

The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors” bill would further protect children who survive botched abortions. To support the bill, Pro-Life organizations included stories of children who were born alive after botched abortions and otherwise left to die.

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America, Are We Really Questioning if A Baby deserves to Live?

Legislatively, bills across the country from Democratic members of State’s respective Houses and Senate’s are working to pass legislation which calls into question, when does life actually begin.

In response to abortion bills and the question of when does life actually begin, some Republicans are working on drafting legislation that could challenge all forms of abortion after a heartbeat is detected. Medically, a heartbeat determines the end of life, and some states are working to claim that, medically a heartbeat determines the beginning of life.

The legislation regarding such could actually challenge the Supreme Court Decision for abortion; Roe V. Wade. In the South, states across the board have passed legislation which makes abortion illegal after a heartbeat is detected. Further, a heartbeat can be identified as early as two weeks, rendering the majority of abortions illegal.

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