Published: February 7, 2019  Updated: February 7, 2019 at 8:23 am EST

A Christian couple in Canada was denied by a governmental adoption agency the ability to foster children, precisely because of their religious beliefs. A Human Rights Law Firm is challenging the actions of the Canadian government on the grounds of religious discrimination.

While being interviewed by the adoption agency, the couple was questioned about their religious beliefs, to which the man stated that they are Christians. The social worker then asked him if their church “still believes in some of the more outdated parts of the Bible.” The man stated that their church adheres to all of the Bible.

The social worker stated that her son is gay and that churches had told her son in the past that homosexuality is a sin. 

The man then explained that although the Bible does identify homosexual behavior as a “sin,” he believes all people are created in the image of God and are worthy of respect, dignity, and honor. He further explained that, in accordance with their beliefs, he and his wife would provide any child in their care with unconditional love, respect, and compassion regardless of the child’s sexuality, according to the press release. 

After the interview, approximately six months later, the couple received a letter in the mail stating their application had been denied. The letter read; “We feel that the policies of our agency do not appear to fit with your values and beliefs and therefore, we will be unable to move forward with approval for your family as resources home.”

The couple contacted the agency to request clarification about their denial; the social worker stated that the agency’s “anti-oppressive” policy conflicted with the couple’s views regarding homosexuality. 

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The couple then contacted the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, a Human Rights law firm, about the matter. The Centre issued a letter to the adoption agency requesting a reversal of their decision and to end it’s religious discrimination practices.

While speaking with the press, John Carpay, the couple’s lawyer stated; “The government has no right to discriminate on the basis of religion when looking at couples who are seeking to adopt.  

“You can’t say that someone can’t become an adoptive parent because they’re Muslim, they’re Jewish or because they’re evangelical Christian,” he explained. 

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