Published: August 1, 2019  Updated: August 1, 2019 at 6:31 am EST

Students at the University of Maryland were polled by Campus Reform, regarding which government they trust more; the Communist Chinese or the Trump Administration. Alarmingly, respondents said that they believe the Communist government.

Regardless of political stance, left or right, persons in the United States have the luxury to vocally and sometimes rigorously oppose a political party or administration, with no punishment in return. However, in Communist China, one cannot resist the government in any way, shape, or form, without stark repercussions for their actions.

China is a communist country, one that is actively operating internment camps for those who hold a belief in any form of religion. The Communist party is regarded as atheist and any one faith or religion that could challenge that there is a higher power than the leader of the communist country is subjected to imprisonment.

Further, China is also home to the newly designed Social Credit system; where should any person speak or act that is not in conjunction with the "party line" they lose "points" and can eventually lose the right to transportation, service from restaurants, hotels, credit cards, and much, much more.

However, respondents who took part in the poll claimed that the communist government is more trustworthy than the Trump Administration. Further, after the persons responded, they were then told about the internment camps for people of faith, at which time, the respondents attempted to change their answers.

College students serve as the next generation of leaders for the free world, and at this particular university, they are not being informed about the dangers of a communist government.

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In addition, the students were told about the Confucius Institue’s ‘Cultural Exchange’ centers, which are directly funded by the Chinese government. Furthermore, the Director of the CIA Christopher Wray issued warning that the center’s serve as ‘spying centers’ for the Chinese government. In fact, Wray said that the institutes; "exploit the very open research and development environment that we have."

Also, Senator’s Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio added to the concern regarding the institutes when they claimed that the centers serve as hubs for propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party. In total there are ninety-one Confucius Institutes still present on college campuses around the country.

However, the Chinese government claims that these centers are solely focused on spreading Mandarin and Chinese Culture.

When asked about which government’s explanation, the US or China, do they, the students, trust more, the students alarmingly responded with China’s explanation.

“I side with the Chinese, I don’t think it’s propaganda,” one student said, while another added, “I don’t know anything about the Chinese government to know if they have a reputation for honesty or dishonesty, but I know enough about Trump to know he has a reputation for dishonesty.”

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