Published: May 27, 2018  Updated: January 1, 2019 at 2:32 pm EST

The acts of the Communist Regime under Xi Jinping in China are increasingly becoming comparable to the atrocities that the Mao dynasty committed against Christians. A new report details how Christians, and those of other religions, are being forced to take medication with the intended purpose of removing their respective faiths.

According to two newly published reports by both China Aid and the G2 Bulletin; Chinese government actors are making random arrests and sending the detainees to training camps to meet their quotas.

Furthermore, according to China Aid, those detained reportedly suffer from memory loss, and reproductive issues due to ‘forced medication.’ These ‘political training centers’ also known as ‘reformation centers’ have been set up around Xinjiang.

In addition, the Chinese government, according to ChinaAid, is targeting minority citizens especially those belonging to Uyghur and Kazakh ethnic groups.

The reports indicate that the detained are forcibly medicated and injected with unknown substances. Historically, China has utilized sterilizations to try to enforce its population control policies.

Wrapped under the guise of fighting extremism; China’s political training centers forbid the prisoners from contacting their families, subject them to torture and propaganda in an effort to “cure” the detainees of their religious convictions and cultural heritage.

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Reportedly, the situation has deteriorated further; beginning May 1st, 2018, the Xinyuan County government issued notifications that detailed newly established requirements should Kazakhs wish to visit their friends and families.

The requirements entail that Kazakh’s must apply for a government permit, stating the name and address of their friend, as well as the purpose of their visit. If a person visits during the day, they must stay in that night.

After they visit their friends and families, they are required to report to the neighborhood committee immediately to undergo an investigation about what was discussed, what jokes were made, and how the friends greeted one another. The committee will then send officials to the visited home to confirm the account. If there are any discrepancies between the two records, both parties will be sent to the political training centers.

According to a source that spoke to ChinaAid; “They had to arrest 90 people in one week in order to meet their quota of arresting 200 people for the month,” the anonymous Kazakh said, speaking to the reporter on May 4. “They failed to complete that task in April.

These police are human, and most of them are good people just following orders. Many of the police have mental problems [because of the stress]. They work overtime every day, sleep in their uniforms, and they are constantly on call. Many of them have experienced mental breakdowns.”

The source continued that some of the police are members of the Han majority, while others are Kazakhs. Because the police have no idea how to reach the quota legitimately, they began to detain people at random and taking people based on their appearance.

In addition, the government agents are told to focus on three specific groups; those who have been in contact with people in Kazakhstan, those who have been involved in religious activities, and those who have previously been in prison.

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