Published: October 5, 2020  Updated: October 5, 2020 at 11:01 am EST

In May of 2020, the United States Congress formed a Task Force to deal with the rampant, malign actions committed by the Chinese Communist Party. The newly issued report from the CTP states that the Chinese Communist Party is our strategic adversary and has spread its malign influence and deception worldwide. 

According to the report, which is a product of the Republican congressional caucus led by Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the Trump administration should “clearly and publicly state an intention to break the CCP’s totalitarianism.”

Also, America is in danger of “losing the future to today’s Communist superpower,” urging that America move beyond viewing CCP-controlled China simply as a “strategic competitor” and even beyond adopting a policy of “containment.” Instead, it suggests, our policy should be one of bringing about the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party as an international political force.

Furthermore, it was revealed by Kevin McCarthy that the United States treasury doesn’t even have a task force to monitor China, but the United States has one for Iran and North Korea. Further, McCarthy also revealed that within the United States government, there are not enough people who speak mandarin to understand the Chinese threat further.

“In order to effectively respond to the CCP’s ideological challenge, the U.S. needs to borrow from the Reagan Administration’s strategy against the Soviet Union. President Reagan’s policy was guided by an overarching objective as timely now as it was then: America’s goal must not be indefinite coexistence with a hostile Communist state, but rather, the end of the Party’s monopoly on power.”

The Chinese Communist Party is dangerous and has global ambitions; the United States stands in its way; such is why the United States needs to begin to de-couple itself from the Chinese Communist Party.

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Since May, the China Task Force has pulled back the veil on what is going on regarding the threat to America; China poses; “Decades of ignoring CCP ideology has contributed to a world that is more hostile towards bedrock American principles than at any time since the Cold War. The CCP’s degradation of individual liberty and democratic principles is not a theoretical challenge that only matters inside PRC borders. It already reaches into the daily lives of average Americans. Using deception and coercion, the CCP and its hostile ideology are securing footholds across our society—including in our universities, businesses, entertainment, and media. Continuing to disregard the CCP’s malign influence in American life recklessly will erode our morals, threaten our privacy and security, undermine our economic and technological leadership, and harm our academic institutions.”

Again, the Chinese Communist Party threatens the global order; “The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in 2019 warned World Leaders Tuesday of the looming risk of a world divided between the United States and China. The U.N. Chief stated during his annual “State of the world address” that the risk “may not yet be large, but it’s real.” More.

The majority of the supply chain for the United States is wrapped up in China, not just medicinal manufacturing. Still, just about every form of manufacturing products sold in the United States is made in China. Therefore, the United States needs China, which places the Leader of the Free World in a vulnerable position. The Coronavirus pandemic exemplified this. When China shuttered, disruptions in supply chains were experienced across every sector of distribution and production.

Year-over-year, administration after administration, the United States has given China the keys to the United States economic powerhouse. The stakes of such, if it is not dealt with, could cost America it’s freedom.

The consensus experienced by the China Task Force is both alarming and timely as the world is now on the cusp of making important decisions regarding their policies as it pertains to China. The United States needs to follow suit and make the critical decision to guard the welfare of its citizens.

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