Published: November 4, 2019  Updated: November 4, 2019 at 11:15 am EST

The Deep State, an unelected body of government which controls the underpins, the precise movements of publicly elected officials answers to no one.

They are connected to Wall Street, use the power of the intelligence agencies, and have regularly used the weight of the United States Government to advance their agenda.

Former CIA Director John McLaughlin, during an interview with Margaret Brennan regarding Election Security, stated, “Thank God for the Deep State.” In times past, several intelligence officials known to the public, public officials, congressmen(women), and the like have denied the existence of an organization underneath the general government.

However, as of late, former officials have come forward and are attempting to put a face on the infamous Deep State, painting it in a good light.

What was once denied to be in existence, is now coming to light. The Deep State spans past career politicians and directors, but digs into the very veins of intelligence operatives using the cause of globalism mascaraed in the name of “liberalism.”

The Deep State is an organization with an agenda to make the people of the United States bow to the weight of an international organization, eventually. Complying constantly with the socialist agenda of the United Nations, the Deep State is the enemy of a free people. Regardless if you agree with President Trump or not, the United States of America should never have an organization behind the scenes pushing forward an ulterior agenda.

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John McLaughlin’s statements in response to Margaret’s comments regarding the Deep State point to the notion that the Deep State is, in fact, attempting to unseat a duly elected President. However, John states that the intelligence operative is committed to telling the truth.

Although, the alleged Whistleblower, according to the Washington Examiner and other investigators, worked with Joe Biden while he was Vice President, is a career CIA analyst, and has a “professional tie” to a 2020 Presidential Candidate.

Furthermore, the objectivity, that John speaks of was lost when the alleged Whistleblower’s connection and past were revealed. See for yourself below.

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