Published: September 11, 2019  Updated: September 11, 2019 at 7:13 am EST

Americans have suffered many mass shootings over the last several years; most, recently, have broken records for causing the most death. As a result of the increase, many Americans desire gun control, and nearly half of the United States is afraid of being a victim of a mass shooting.

In August of 2019, thirty-one people died, in one weekend, as a result of two mass shooting events. Today, forty-eight percent of Americans, according to a new poll by Gallup, are concerned that either they or a loved one will be a victim of a mass shooting.

According to the poll taken in 2017 and 2019, the amount of concern amongst Americans is growing. In 2017, thirty-nine percent were concerned, now forty-eight percent of persons are worried.

Further, according to another poll, taken by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist, fifty-five percent of Americans say it is more important to control gun violence than to protect gun rights, while the latter is only supported by thirty-nine percent. According to NPR, that margin is and has been consistent since 2013.

The reality is, Americans are worried about gun violence. The difference between the two parties is how Americans want to reduce their fear. For Republicans and Conservatives, it typically means that more Americans should open or conceal carry to assist in defending themselves and those around them. To the Democrat and Liberal, more gun legislature should be passed to control further the amount and type of person allowed to own a firearm.

The government can limit the type of magazines purchased, they can limit how and who can buy firearms, but what the government can’t do is full stop criminals or those who seek to do harm to others from obtaining illicit firearms.

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Case in point; drugs, drugs cause massive amounts of death and destruction to families similar to gun violence. Say, for example, a drug dealer is similar to a shooter, only, they are not firing a weapon; rather, they are handing out items that cause death and addiction. The war against drugs has raged for years, and no one disagrees that drugs should not be illegal. Yet, drug dealers still obtain illicit items which cause death and addiction.

Further, no one is arguing that persons who seek to do drugs are making themselves victims and acting on their own free will to choose and make a bad decision, while victims of mass shootings are not wanting to be shot at and killed. The underlying fact is that the government has made drugs illegal, yet people are still able to obtain them and cause chaos.

Should the government proceed to make firearms illegal, those who seek to harm would still find a way to obtain their weapon of choice and act out their crime. For example, in France recently, there was not a mass shooting; instead, it was a mass stabbing.

The fact of the matter is, both sides of the aisle want the same thing. Both Republicans and Democrats want to end mass violence. The problem is the difference in how either side desires to accomplish such.

If legislature stopped crimes from occurring, then in the United States murder would not happen, because murder is illegal. Yet, murder occurs every single day. Further, if legislature alone thwarted robberies, than more legislature would be a viable answer to stop theft, but the reality is, in many cases, to thwart the illegal act of robbery a man or woman standing guard is required to deter that crime.

In truth, if those who seek to commit a crime, such as murder or robbery, saw that someone would be able to stop them instantly, they will most likely not carry out their act. The fact of the matter is that more security is needed in society to alleviate those fears.

To accomplish such, the government nor can private corporations be responsible to station armed security at every corner or every store, but citizens themselves have the right to obtain a firearm, receive training, and learn how to defend themselves and those around them.

Citizens in the United States can obtain their own protection, and work to defend themselves and those around them from those who seek to do harm. The removal of that right would only lead to an increase in crime and death.

History has proven that fear cannot be alleviated by a government or a corporation, granting an entity, in society, of that scale, the ability to control the fear of the people is to much power.

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