Published: February 9, 2021  Updated: February 9, 2021 at 7:47 am EST

Pope Francis has long sought after fomenting a serious change in the way the world does business; for the duration of his tenure, the Pope has long called for Social Justice to be at the forefront of society. However, now that the Pandemic has ravaged economies all over the world.

The Pope, along with global leaders and Corporate ideologues, is calling for the Great Reset. While speaking at the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis said, ‘the coronavirus has provided the perfect opportunity for economies of the world to reimagine markets and push businesses to put social justice, rather than profits, at the core of their pursuits.’

Also, the Pope said, “There is a need for a kind of new Copernican revolution that can put the economy at the service of men and women, not vice versa,” the pope said, The Associated Press reported.”

The Pope has long held a stance that is anti-capitalist and has often advocated for Socialism. In October 2020, the Pope made the following remarks regarding Free Market Capitalism; “The fragility of world-systems in the face of the pandemic has demonstrated that not everything can be resolved by market freedom,” he wrote. “It is imperative to have a proactive economic policy directed at ‘promoting an economy that favors productive diversity and business creativity’ and makes it possible for jobs to be created, and not cut.”

Later on, in October 2020, the Pope mentioned that people should not have the right to property; instead, the “social purpose” and the common good must come from sharing the Earth’s resources. The Pope is clearly advocating for the removal of property rights and is calling for the complete alteration to the world economy.

Furthermore, The Pope has entrenched himself in diversifying the Catholic Religion to include other forms of practice such as Muslims;

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“Francis’ call for greater “human fraternity,” particularly to promote peace, is derived from his 2019 joint appeal with the grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, the revered 1,000-year-old seat of Sunni Islam. Their “Human Fraternity” document established the relationship between Catholics and Muslims as brothers, with a common mission to promote peace.

The fact that he has now integrated that Catholic-Muslim document into an encyclical is significant. Francis’ conservative critics had already blasted the “Human Fraternity” document as heretical, given it stated that God had willed the “pluralism and diversity of religions.”

During Pope Francis’ tenure, he has continually sought to upset Catholicism’s norms and continually advocated for Socialism to replace capitalism.

Calling for the redistribution of wealth is sinister because those who are the most affected by the practice are the Middle Class. Socialism has been embraced by the intelligentsia and is being increasingly admired by our youth. Proponents of socialism lament the inequality of wealth and income under capitalism and claim that America’s wealthy are not paying their fair share of taxes. Politically elite liberals promote socialism as the panacea to income and wealth inequality. They call for increased wealth transfers funded by higher taxation of the rich.

Wealth redistribution became institutionalized a century ago on the federal budget’s revenue side with the passage of the 16th Amendment allowing income taxation in the United States. Wealth redistribution involves the government taking money from those who are ‘producing more than they are consuming’ and giving that money to those who are ‘consuming more than they are producing.’ Of course, punishing net producers and rewarding net consumers motivates net producers to become net consumers – leading to economic decline.

Pope Francis has long called for socialism; the pandemic has allowed the radical Pope Francis to perpetuate further his ideas of what the economy should look like; however, the Pope is not alone in his pursuit – every prominent world leader is also calling for some form of a ‘Great Reset.’

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