Published: April 9, 2019  Updated: January 30, 2020 at 8:45 am EST

Climate change was once a hotly debated topic; however, the left has created a political arena where a differing opinion, is viewed as outlandish. Although, one Republican Congressman from Kentucky, Thomas Massie, a graduate from MIT, factually asserted that Climate Change fanatics pushed pseudoscience to further the agenda.

On April 9th, 2019 a House Oversight hearing turned into a heated debate between the Congressman from Kentucky and the Former Secretary of State John Kerry when the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide came into focus.

During the questioning, Massie stated that the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are much lower than the average amount that has been present since mammals have existed on planet earth.

“Yeah, but we weren’t walking the planet,” Kerry stammered before rebutting that atmospheric CO2 levels are the highest they’ve been in “the past 800,000 years.”

Massie countered by asking why those levels were higher before that particular mark. After some back and forth, Kerry tried to dismiss Massie’s carbon questions by saying it was “just not a serious conversation.”

“Your testimony is not serious,” Massie fired back to applause from the hearing chamber. “When you can’t answer the question, that’s the best answer you got.”

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During the debate, Massie asked John Kerry regarding his credentials to be examining climate science. “So I think it is somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience to this committee,” Massie said of Kerry’s credentials.

Massie, An engineer by trade and training before he running for Congress, also possesses bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Massie is also probably one of the greenest members of Congress in how he lives his everyday life. His entire Kentucky farm is solar-powered and operated with several other environmentally-sustainable processes.

“There is a not climate denier in this room,” Massie opened his line of questioning. “The climate was different yesterday, it was different 10,000 years ago, and it’s going to be different 10,000 years from now, whether there’s a human on this planet or a domesticated animal.”

However, he added that he believes that there are “some photosynthesis deniers” and “natural climate deniers” who try to conflate man-made effects on the environment with climate change from natural causes.

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