Published: March 4, 2019  Updated: June 13, 2019 at 2:11 pm EST
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Over the weekend, Venezuela’s Executive Vice-President Delcy Rodriquez paid a working visit to Moscow on which Russia’s Upper House Speaker Valentina Matviyenko informed representatives of the Venezuelan government that Russia will make every effort to prevent US intervention into the ongoing crisis in the region.

However, Russia has long held an interest in Venezuela, for example in 2011; Gazprom and PDVSA signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ which was designed to work towards the possibility of a joint venture to develop the Robalo gas field in the Gulf of Venezuela.

Venezuela is the Western hemisphere’s second largest producer of natural gas, behind only the United States.

Further, Gazprom is a large Russian company that was founded in 1989, which carries on the business of extraction, production, transport, and sale of natural gas. The Government of Russia mostly owns the company.

During the working visit, Matviyenko stated that; “We are very afraid that the United States may stage any provocations to provoke bloodshed and find a reason and pretext for intervention in Venezuela. But we will do our utmost to prevent this.”

She then stressed that Russia is absolutely against any external meddling in the affairs of sovereign independent states. Further, Russia is assisting Maduro’s regime by providing Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA a haven to continue its operations by allowing the socialist state to deposit sales proceeds in an account recently opened at Russia’s Gazprombank AO.

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Last week, the Maduro regime blocked attempts made by the US, Colombia, and other nations to provide humanitarian aid to the starving people of Venezuela. The blockade caused clashes between the people of Venezuela and pro-government forces. After which the US imposed sanctions on persons surrounding the Venezuelan leader.

“We are sanctioning members of Maduro’s security forces in response to the reprehensible violence, tragic deaths, and unconscionable torching of food and medicine destined for sick and starving Venezuelans,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said after deadly violence blocked humanitarian aid from reaching Venezuela over the weekend.

Furthermore, over the weekend Russian Officials claimed that the United States has artificially created the crisis in Venezuela.

“We are absolutely sure that the crisis, which was artificially created by the US in Venezuela, can be solved only by peaceful means and only in the framework of the inclusive dialogue of all political forces and the Venezuela people have the right to decide on its present and its future,” Matviyenko said.

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